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Getting Started

Vingd API

Vingd API enables you to use Vingd to sell items, reward users and create vingd vouchers at your own site.

Quick start

Given examples are ready to use on vingd sandbox. Test account used in examples is ready to use as is, separate test accounts are created simply by registering on sandbox.

  C# Java PHP Python
Initialization Selling Direct Rewarding Voucher Rewarding  

Moving from sandbox to production

To use vingd production one should open vingd business account (send email to and configure API to use vingd production endpoint and frontend.

Documentation and source

  C# Java PHP Python
Install Source code Documentation

The "formally inclined" are encouraged to take a look at the Vingd purchase sequence diagram here.


An interactive demo demonstrates procedures for selling items and handling vouchers (both for basic and popup mode) in a step-by-step tutorial style. Source preview is available here.

Vingd newspapers gives a reference implementation example. It implements procedures for selling items, handlihg vouchers and checking balance in popup mode. Source (PHP/JS/HTML) is available here.


Popup mode

Vingd can optionally be used in popup mode for quick tasks like buying items, using vouchers and checking account balance (and also for authentication if vingd oauth is used).

Full source code is available here. Minimized JS files are also available on Vingd CDN (main.min.js and popup.min.js) and can be directly linked to (good for keeping up to date). For a quick start follow a how-to guide given in the docs.

Vingd login

To include vingd login to your site you can use any OAuth client library available. Try out PHP vingd login demo or download its source code.

Encrypted cookie

One can keep track of vingd purchases within clients encrypted cookie (keeps server side lightweight). Check out source and examples for PHP and C#.